Violet Town Kindergarten
At Violet Town & District Early Childhood Service philosophy and goal is to create a safe, secure and supportive environment that provides children the opportunity to explore, experience and learn. Our philosophy is reinforced by the active involvement of families in our program and local community spirit and support that makes Violet Town Kindergarten unique.

Violet Town Kindergarten’s approach to early childhood learning and development is reflected in the early years learning framework’s vision to provide children with a sense of belonging, recognise and celebrate their being and support their becoming.

Our play-based program is formed on ideas and experiences initiated by children and their families and reflects each child’s individual developmental levels and needs and provides stimulation and variety. Our qualified and experienced educators integrate intentional teaching and learning opportunities within the curriculum to support individuals and groups work towards achieving goals.

We believe that periods of active play promote higher levels of learning and allow children to develop the many skills and dispositions they require for success in life such as enquiry, creativity, empathy, cooperation, gratitude and flexibility. We view children as strong, capable, competent, curious and active participants in their own learning. We believe children learn best in a social context where peers, parents and educators are resources and work together as a community of workers. We value a connection to nature and the role of the environment in children’s development.

We recognise the uniqueness of every individual child, family, educator and environment. We value all contributions and embrace differences.

In line with the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, our Educators observe children at play and use observed cues to plan experiences so that children can:

  • develop a strong sense of identity and agency,
  • become connected with and contribute to their world,
  • develop a strong sense of wellbeing,
  • become confident and involved learners,
  • become effective communicators.

Our kindergarten fosters children’s understanding of and respect for the natural environment, and their role in promoting and contributing to a happy, healthy, sustainable future for all.

Our kindergarten’s physical environment and educational program acknowledge and respect cultural awareness, equality and inclusion of all people. We believe that each family has the right to feel welcomed, valued and accepted within all aspects of our program. We are committed to continuous improvement.

We value the history and heritage of the Violet Town Kindergarten and our local community, we actively collaborate with community groups and individuals, regularly building connections with the Bush Nursing Home, Library and Community House.

We acknowledge the Taungurong people as the traditional owners of the land and respectfully share their stories and traditions with our children.

Family and community orientated.
Unique learning experience for a wide age group of children.
Individual attention in a small group setting.
Service Approval number:
8 Hyacinth Street, Violet Town, VIC, 3669
(03) 5798 1477