Nathalia Preschool

Nathalia Preschool runs a program based on the interests and developmental needs of the children (emergent curriculum), supported by the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework (VEYLF).

Our preschool supports sustainable practices (Bush Kinder, Superb Parrot Project, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), and promotes healthy eating (Smiles 4 Miles) and Sun Smart practices.

We have natural learning environments that support independent thinking, enquiry, new discoveries, communication and sustainable practices with holistic approaches that support connection of the child, family, environment and community.

Children’s learning is meaningful to the individual child and to us. We encourage active engagement within the local community, acceptable risk taking, growth and development of each child’s identity and family involvement to seek new discoveries, share talents, ideas and to communicate with each other.

Award winning sustainable practices and programs.

Natural learning environments.

Program that focuses on the interests and developmental needs of each individual child.


Service Approval number:
25 Harcourt Street, Nathalia, 3638
(03) 5866 2375