Katamatite Kindergarten

Uniquely, Katamatite Kindergarten was built and is owned by the community. The Kindergarten is ideally situated on the corner of the Katamatite School grounds. Kindergarten and school children chat to one another most days through the connecting gate. This connection with the school assists the Kindergarten children build familiarity and confidence with a school setting.

At Katamatite Kindergarten, the experienced, dedicated and caring staff are committed to providing a rich, inviting play-based learning program based on the children’s interests and strengths. We celebrate the children’s thoughts, ideas and achievements thereby building the children’s confidence and self-esteem. Our staff encourage the children to problem solve thereby building the children’s resilience skills. Our small group sizes allow for the development of close relationships between children and staff.

We have a large natural outdoor play space encouraging lots of great outdoor play.  We operate a Bush Kinder Program one day per fortnight where Kindergarten is held in the bush (State Park near the Boosey Creek).  At Bush Kinder the children learn through play in a natural setting.

The children spend their day exploring, discovering, challenging themselves, helping one another, problem solving, developing conservation skills and connecting with nature. We all love Bush Kinder.

At Katamatite Kindergarten we are blessed with tremendous support from families and the local community. This support helps enormously in providing a high-quality Kindergarten program. At Katamatite Kindergarten we value, respect and cherish all families. Each family’s cultural background and beliefs are respected, valued and celebrated including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Staff work closely with the community, families and children to provide a quality Kindergarten education.

Friendly and passionate staff.

Natural and sustainable environment.

Close relationship with the community and families.


Service Approval number:
7 Brahe Street, Katamatite, 3649
(03) 5865 1413