Murchison Preschool

Murchison Preschool offers occasional care/fun group as well as 4yr year old kindergarten. Our service values nature and natural environments and sustainability at the core of our programs. We encourage creativity, independence and resilience for all children.

Occasional Care offers casual places for children 0-5yrs. We offer a flexible program to suit the needs of children of varying ages.

Our kinder program follows children’s and family’s interests to set up play experiences and activities that will provide opportunities for learning new skills, gaining knowledge and having fun.

We work alongside children: sometimes guiding, sometimes directing, sometimes observing, sometimes discovering things together and sometimes learning from the children. We encourage input from children and gain inspiration from watching and participating in their play.

Goals are developed for each child and for the group as a whole. These are based on understanding what each child knows, what they can do, what they are interested in, what they are beginning to do, and what we see is important to learn for their development.

The “rhythm of our day” is a blend of times when we all come together, and times for children to freely choose their own play. Each day will have indoor and outdoor play, shared meal times, small and large group times (discussions, music, stories, games), and quiet play times. The rhythm of each day is flexible and responsive to group needs.

Values natural learning environments.

Encourage child input regarding activities.

Goal setting developed based on each individual child and the group as a whole.


Service Approval number:
Watson Street, Murchison, 3610
(03) 5826 2485