Tungamah Preschool

The Tungamah Preschool opened in 1980 in the town’s old courthouse. It was opened with an enrolment of 20 pupils. Now, the Pre-school operates out of the old Shire building in Middleton Street with an average of 14 students per session.

We pride ourselves on developing a close and caring relationship with all our children and their families.

Our play based program encourages children to have a strong sense of identity; to be connected with and contribute to their world; to have a strong sense of wellbeing; to be confident and involved learners; And to be effective communicators.

We believe families are the primary educators of their children and aim to develop a collaborative partnership with each family.

We aim to create a sense of belonging for all children and families, in which diverse identities, languages, values, experiences, skills, life styles and interests are reflected in the program.

We believe play provides immense opportunities for children to construct knowledge and learning, through exploration, investigation and meaningful engagement with both their peers and educators. We recognise that reflection and researching current teaching practices are an important aspect for continual self-improvement.

We believe in providing learning experiences for children based upon their interests, customs, skills and abilities. We believe educators need to consider a range of theorists and perspectives to enable them to develop a deep understanding of the child and the family.

Small groups.

Strong relationship with the community, families, and local Primary School.

Excellent school transition program.


Service Approval number:
Middleton Street, Tungamah, 3728
(03) 5748 5664