Toolamba Kindergarten

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  • Toolamba Preschool

    At Toolamba Kindergarten we believe that early childhood is a time to foster children’s learning through acknowledging each child’s individual characteristics of belonging, being and becoming in an environment that is play based providing learning experiences that take into account children’s interests, skills and abilities. The staff believe that strong collaborative relationships between the children’s families, educators, professionals, culture and the community empowers children to develop their own voice and understanding of their world.

    Toolamba Kindergarten educators are friendly, caring and supportive of the emotional, physical and intellectual development of the children. We believe that play is a child’s work and as such is respected and valued as worthwhile and meaningful in providing them with the foundations for further learning.

    At Toolamba Kindergarten we aim to provide a learning environment that recognises the uniqueness of each child and family, and endeavours to build relationships based upon trust, respect, open communication and is inclusive of all children and their families. We also aim to develop a collaborative partnership with each family and provide immense opportunities through play for children to build relationships, knowledge and learning through exploration, investigation and meaningful engagement of the environment with both their peers and educators.

    • play based curriculum allows for independent choices and individual development
    • Recognises children are competent and capable and provides opportunities for them to solve problems and extend upon their own ideas through exploration, discovery and experimentation, collaboration and interactions with others.
    • Makes each child feel safe and secure, and gives each child a sense of belonging.
    • Kindergarten:
      Funded 4yr Old Program
    • Times:
      Mon, Tues, Thurs:
      9am – 2pm
    • Pre-Kindergarten
      Unfunded 3yr Old Program
    • Times:
      9am – 2pm

    • Holidays
      Kindergarten does not operate during school holidays and public holidays.
    • Occasional Care and After Kinder Care:
      Occasional Care:  Ages 0-5yrs
      After Kinder Care:  Ages 3 and above
    • Times:
      Occasional Care:
      Tues and Friday:
      9am – 3pm
      After Kinder Care:
      Mon, Tues, Thurs:
      2pm – 3:15pm
    • Holidays:
      Occasional Care operates during the school term holidays – hours vary

    • Service Approval Number:
    • Address:
      69-77 Wren Street, Toolamba, 3614
    • Phone:
      (03) 5826 5320
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